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Welcome to the Background Page!

A. Muir Computer Consulting offers
* Over 20 years experience in VMS and UNIX
* Excellent problem solving abilities
* Quick adaptability to new challenges
* Training Courses and Manuals
* Corporate Discount Incentives

Why OpenVMS?
* High availability by 'clustering' systems.
* Run multiple instances of OpenVMS on a single computer.
* Dynamically reroute computer power to applications.
* Delivers breakthrough 64-bit VLM/VLDB performance.
* Provides scalability without application changes.
* Based on public, national, and international standards.
* Supports Web and Internet solutions.
* More than 450,000 installed systems with over 10 million users.
* #1 rated operating system in the Healthcare industry.
* More than 90% of the world's CPU chips are manufactured on lines running OpenVMS.
* More than 50% of the world's cellular phone billing systems run OpenVMS.
* 95% of the world's top financial exchanges run on Compaq OpenVMS or Tandem systems.

Our clients include:
* ESI Technology Corporation
* Compaq Computer Corporation
* Procter & Gamble
* Reynolds & Reynolds
* OSU Medical Center
* William Beaumont Army Medical Center


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