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Welcome to the Contact Page!

Communicate with A. Muir Computer Consulting
by using this

ICQ Respond-Online Panel

Join the OpenVMS ICQ Interest Group

If you have ICQ client you can, ICQ-Me and/or Add Me to your contact list.

Netscape Users:
If you are prompted to Pick App or Save File, select Pick App and browse to the location of your ICQ.EXE file (usually in C:\Program Files\ICQ\ICQ.EXE).

Internet Explorer Users:If you are prompted to Open or Save As select Open

If you don't have ICQ client Press Page Me button to send me an ICQ message
The Zoom Me button to view my ICQ Whitepages
The Email Notify Me button to send me an e-mail and notify me by ICQ.

If I am online, a message will notify me immediately.
If I am offline, the message will be stored and forwarded to me as soon as I return.

Installing ICQ client will enable you to know if your peers are online and communicate directly with them.

Best of all, ICQ is FREE!


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