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Welcome to the HELP Desk!

This site was designed with ease of use in mind.
Here are some pointers that may help you.

On every page, you will see several common elements.

  • A blue Alpha computer ......

    The animated computer logo is a hypertext link that will always return you to the A. Muir Computer Consulting Home Page.

  • A set of 5 navigation buttons inside the blue border on the left side of page.

    The 5 navigation buttons each take you directly to the corresponding page within this site.

  • An animated email link......

    Clicking on the animated email link will automatically open an email composition window which can be used to send any questions directly to A. Muir Computer Consulting.

  • A [ Back ] [ Next ] link

    The [ Back ] [ Next ] text links allow you to navigate through the site as it was designed.

    ** Note - When you are on the Home page,there will not be a [ Back ] link, since you are at the beginning of the site.

    Similarly, when you are on this page, (Help) you will not see a [ Next ] link, since this is the end of the site.

    One final note: Any links to pages outside of the A. Muir Computer Consulting domain will be opened in a new window, so that you can easily return to our site by closing the new browser window.

    Thank you for choosing A. Muir Computer Consulting!


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